Kinky--See Wednesday
Kinky--See Wednesday

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Monday, February 9

Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath The Wayfarer Brown Sabbath hits the Wayfarer, and the group offers far more than a lackluster Ozzy Osbourne impersonator. Brown Sabbath is the alter ego of Brownout, an Austin-based group of psychedelic funk-rockers who reinterpret the ingenuity of Black Sabbath through offbeat soul. Formed over a decade ago by members of Grammy award-winning Latin revival orchestra Grupo Fantasma, Brown Sabbath channels Brownout's funky sound into the metal classics. Before launching their Brown Sabbath effort, Brownout served as the backing band for artists like Prince and GZA and performed at the mega-fest Bonnaroo. If their touring resume is any indicator of how their new project will hold up, Orange County's in for a wild, metal infused ride. (Heidi Darby)

Tuesday, February 10

Wheeland Brothers Mozambique When the stress of the modern world threatens to pop your skull like a watermelon under a Kardashian ass, we recommend taking a breath and finding your happy place. Should you require help finding said happy place, tune your ears to the OC-cultivated sounds of the Wheeland Brothers. With a style closely following the trail blazed by Sublime, the Wheelands (who are actual brothers) mix reggae and rap--flourished occasionally with ukulele--and do their damnedest to transport the listener far from the rat race (typically to a beach). (Brandon Ferguson)

Wednesday, February 11

Kinky House of Blues Anaheim Since Kinky's eponymous 2002 debut, we've been wowed with its Latin love and electronic playfulness--delicious accordion solos, the mariachi strut of "Soun tha Primer Amor," and wonderful Brazilian derivatives like "Sambita" and "Sol (Batucada)" that sounded like bossa nova gone Kraftwerk. And the mainstream buzz around the quintet that's made them the most celebrated Latino music act in the United States since Ricky Ricardo had already begun--KCRW trend-maker Morning Becomes Eclectic was spinning Kinky so much you figured someone had placed a pistol against Nic Harcourt's temple. Once again, the Mexican quintet storms in to the House of Blues for what should be another packed show. (Gustavo Arellano) Thursday, February 12

Lil Jon DJ Set Yost Theater When a musician decides to take a turn as a DJ, it's usually a desperate grab at street cred (or just some attention). But Lil Jon, the man with the most famous "Yeahh!" utterance of this millennium, has always been a DJ--his chart­topping singles and collaborations are simply side dishes on his massive platter of musical talents. This Thursday night, the Yost Theater and White Rabbit Group present a DJ set by the "Shots! Shots! Shots!" man himself. Come see Lil Jon spin everything from Lorde mashups to hip­hop classics to EDM--and slam down a few shots in his honor. Which ones? It's obvious: Jaegerbombs, Lemondrops, Buttery Nipples, Jello Shots, Kamikaze, Three Wise Men! (Erin DeWitt)

Cro-Mags Alex's Bar After several decades together, NYC legends Cro-Mags still put on one of the most intense crossover/punk/hardcore shows we've ever seen. Mohawks and bald heads, some in wife beaters other shirtless covered in tattoos and beards will dominate the slam dance floor at Alex's Bar this week. Fists, beer, sweat and bodies flying is mandatory. With classic hits a as "Don't Tread on Me," "Sign of the Times," and "Street Justice," all from the band's epic debut 1986 album The Age of Quarrel, we're looking forward to the band inciting some old-school chaos with support from Take Offense, New Brigade, The Eulogy and Dissension. (Alex Distefano)

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