Travis Barker at Musink--See Friday
Travis Barker at Musink--See Friday
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Friday, March 20

Musink OC Fair and Events Center Usually, this Travis Barker-curated event was a highlight for the OC concert and tattoo calendar due to its unique blending of his two passions. This year, however, controversy has been swirling around the event; Barker's band, you know Blink-182, are the headliners but not without problems. The much- publicized feud between Barker, Mark Hoppus and singer Tom DeLonge has overshadowed the event, with a he said/he said battle of DeLonge's declining to participate. Even with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba taking over for DeLonge, the lineup is formidable: bands like Bad Religion, Rancid, OFF! and rapper Yelawolf fill out the bill, and all eyes will be on what could be called the new Blink-182, which will be worth the price of admission. (Daniel Kohn)

Moonsville Collective Maison Costa Mesa is nowhere near the capital of country music, but that hasn't stopped Moonsville Collective from sprouting into a must-watch banjo-blasting machine. Named our Best Live Band in 2012 and "Best Bluegrass/Americana Band in Orange County" by CBS Los Angeles, this Americana string sextet doesn't joke around when it comes to performance. In an allusion to the thoughtfulness of folk gods like Bob Dylan, messages of humanness are frequently communicated with songs like "In My Mind" and "Doin' Just Fine," whether that means juxtaposing life and death, or love and lost. Add that with the multi-instrumentation that they're so known for on stage (expect slide guitar, banjo, and mandolin to be swapped around as songs change) and you'll know why we've praised them in the past. (Kristine Hoang)

Trampled By Turtles The Observatory For as much rollicking folk music as we seem to have in this here county, OC music fans definitely aren't opposed to checking out some imported banjo twanging. Especially when you add some fiery fretwork, sweet facial hair and flannel to the mix. So yeah, in that respect you could say Duluth, Minnesota quintet Trampled By Turtles will likely be met with open arms when their tour stops at the Observatory on Friday. (Nate Jackson) Saturday, March 21

The Muffs The Slidebar SoCal band The Muffs have enjoyed a sweet resurgence as of late with the 2014 release of their newest album Whoop Dee Do on Burger Records, and it seems younger audiences are taking to the group's older discography as well. While their first self-titled album was panned after its release in 1993, it's hard not to hear the influence their sound has had on garage acts to follow, especially with lead singer Kim Shattuck's gritty, resonant vocals and their pop-punk brashness typical of '90s alt-rock. The next ten years would see the group release album after album and even a spot on the Clueless soundtrack with a punk cover of Kim Wilde's '80s hit "Kids in America." Shattuck and company continue to thrash through Whoop Dee Do and do so with the same--if not more-- moxy as today's millennial-age groups; come see the band rip it up tonight. (Aimee Murillo)

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic The Observatory If one considers a Holy Trinity of Funk with James Brown standing as the unquestionable (God)Father and Sly Stone as the revolutionary if troubled Son, who but George Clinton makes sense as the profane prankster Holy Ghost? The subversive ringmaster and self-proclaimed Maggot Overlord shepherded his Parliament Funkadelic disciples to create some of the most influential and heavily sampled music of the 1970s, a marriage of blazing psychedelic guitars, uncontainable soul grooves, and Clinton's mix of savage wit and Afrocentric cosmology that still electrifies dancefloors 40 years later. Though he spent much of the following decades in a crack-fueled haze that left him swindled and struggling to survive -- a saga detailed in his recent memoir Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You? ­-- Clinton has cleaned up and emerged clear-eyed. His new effort, Funkadelic's sprawling, three-disc release First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate, puts a modern, Auto-Tune-soaked spin on the septuagenarian funk maestro's classic lascivious sound. (Dave Pehling)

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