The Dwarves--See Wednesday
The Dwarves--See Wednesday

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Monday, July 14

Purple Mountains Majesties The Wayfarer Honored with the very first Monday night residency at the Wayfarer, Detroit Bar's new incarnation after a pretty substantial facelift, is OC-native band Purple Mountains Majesties. A six-piece group, they favor folk in its primary form--sing-a-longs and story-telling make up much of their live performances. And they embrace their recycle-generation's burden by primarily focusing on a message of environmental alarm. It's a jangly, jumping mix of guitars, flutes, tambourines, keyboards, and many more instruments (with band members bouncing from one to the next mid-song) to create a sound of folk electrified. Catch them for a free show tonight with support from the Red River and Gardener's Logic. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, July 15

Little Galaxies The Slidebar LA four-piece Little Galaxies stays musically in tune with their name by dropping soft, melodic ballads that contain whirlwinds of instrumental arrangements that seem neither forced or overbearing; on the contrary, their sound carries a harmonious balance of pop and alt-rock with that LA edge. Their debut album Patterns displays this best, crystallizing the pop sensibilities of the current wave of alt-rock, while separating themselves from their dream pop contemporaries. Through headphones, Little Galaxies' music, upheld by singer Jeanna Fournier's smoky vocals, can blow you away, so just imagine what it can do during a live set. Get swept up in Little Galaxies' show tonight at The Slidebar, along with Wetwood Smokes and The Great Late. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, July 16 The Dwarves Alex's Bar "We're the originators of the garage rock genre!" said Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia when we saw him last at Burgerama, and you know what? He's not wrong. Back before garage rock got reattached to this cuddly, fuzzy, poppy new-but-sounds-old wave, Blag and Co. (including those who cannot be named) were getting psychedelic the nasty way and personally warping the last usable parts of '60s youth culture into something leaner and definitely meaner. Now they're back, striding through the ruins of a landscape they could never have imagined, like an unfrozen caveman with a score to settle. Go get kicked in the head and wonder why it makes you feel so alive. They play tonight with the Queers, who could bubblegum with the best of 'em in their day. (Chris Ziegler) Pennywise The Observatory It's been a long, weird road for Pennywise, the iconic punk band from Hermosa Beach, but the past five years may have been the strangest. Their new album, Yesterdays, features the return of singer/founding member Jim Lindberg, who stepped off the hamster wheel of touring and recording in 2009 to stay home with his wife and three kids. After some international and West Coast tour dates, the reunited members of Pennywise cut Yesterdays, their 11th album, out July 15 on Epitaph Records. The 11 tracks come from the group's backyard party days, and many were written by deceased bassist Jason Thirsk in the late '80s and early '90s. (Kyle Cavaness)

Friday, July 18 Summer Slaughter Tour The Observatory This smorgasbord of all things death metal proudly bills itself as "the most extreme tour of the year." Hey, we ain't arguing. When you put together a lineup that includes Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Goat Whore and bunch of other bands that sound like they were named by a hallucinating medical intern, it's sort of like drawing a line in the sand, you know? And who's gonna cross it? The Warped Tour? Pffft. You think those goody-goodies could ever muster the stones to book a band like Thy Art is Murder? No way. If you want positive energy and intelligible lyrics, go see Jimmy Eat World. If you want foaming rage and totally sick blast beats, followed by a sublime sense of doom and emptiness, you bust out the Summer Slaughter Tour. It's a simple matter of taste. Whether you find that fact to be awesome or awesomely asinine, one thing's for sure: It's totally freaking extreme. (Craig Outhier)

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