Lupe Fiasco--See Wednesday
Lupe Fiasco--See Wednesday

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Monday, June 8

The Kooks The Constellation Room Last September, the English quartet released its fourth studio album, Listen. Unlike their earlier material, the garage rock outfit worked with several new faces. Adding Alexis Nunez to the drums and hip-hop producer Inflo to the equation, the result was a sound that at its core remains true to what the group has done in the past, yet was a bold step in a new direction. This included heading into the studio without any written material and relying on the spontaneous nature of their creativity to allow them to mold that sound. For the better part of the past year, the group has attempted to convert skeptical Americans by heavily zigzagging across the States. The Kooks' bold live show has won over new fans and they're hoping to do so as they reach Southern California. (Daniel Kohn)

Tuesday, June 9

The Choir The Constellation Room Orange County-originated band The Choir has been performing Christian alternative rock for three decades, producing three EPs, three live albums, and 14 albums total--including Grammy-nominated Flap Your Wings (2000). Though the band has certainly grown since their start in the '80s, one thing has remained constant: their devotion to life-mirroring lyrics. Take their latest album Shadow Weaver (2014), for example, which the band has stated on their website is about contrast: "It's about light and dark," they write. "Day, night. Hope, despair. Belief, disillusionment." The album is a natural step forward from the band's earlier albums which also revolved around personal experiences and observations, which they've continuously blended with alternative rock instrumentation. (Kristine Hoang)

Wednesday, June 10

The Warlocks The Wayfarer Get ready for some twisted prayers to come your way from Church of Sun, who let loose through their alluring bluesy psych rock sound. Creatures Choir similarly packs psychedelic fuzz guitar, especially on songs like "Nervous Indigo" that mimic the maudlin strains of spaghetti western strains in its intro. The female-fronted Blood Candy from Los Angeles touch on sun-drenched reverb and dreamy shoegaze, with its own take on '90s grunge thats all the more potent in a live show setting. Last but not least, The Warlocks have been consistently working and performing through line up changes and include a slimmed down collective of seven members from its previous number of nineteen, kicking out Velvet Underground-meets-The Cramps-meets-late '70s rock jams. Check out all these fierce musical acts tonight to celebrate the mid-week hump. (Aimee Murillo) Lupe Fiasco The Observatory Over the years, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco has never shied away from controversy. Whether taking on rappers Azealia Banks and Kid Cudi on Twitter or sharing his outspoken, antiestablishment views on the U.S. government, Fiasco hasn't been afraid to stand up for what he believes. In January, the rapper released his fifth studio effort, Tetsuo & Youth, which had been in the works since early 2013. Lauded for both its layered sound and lyrics, with guest appearances by Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian, Nikki Jean, Ab-Soul and Ty Dolla $ign, the new album showcases how rapper Fiasco has matured, with songwriting that reaches the heights many predicted when he first emerged nearly a decade ago. (Daniel Kohn)

Thursday, June 11 Robben Ford Saint Rocke For Robben Ford, it's all about guitar--and at its rawest form at that. Named one of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century" by Musician magazine, it's no surprise that Ford has collaborated with big names like Miles Davis, George Harrison, and KISS all while producing solo albums since the '70s. Currently on tour for his latest album Into the Sun (2015), Ford has been focusing on contemporary songwriting and big guitar sounds--no delay and reverb necessary, guys. Featuring guest artists like Keb Mo and slide guitarist Sonny Landreth, this new album is an ode to classic blues sounds; you'll feel like you're driving through the South with the windows rolled down. (Kristine Hoang)

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