Jenny Lewis--See Tuesday
Jenny Lewis--See Tuesday
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The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Monday, April 6

Maroon 5 Honda Center Love or hate Adam Levine and his smug television appearances, there's no denying Maroon 5 makes incredibly catchy, stuck-in-your-brain-all-day pop music. The group's latest release, "V," debuted at #1 on Billboard's TOP 200 chart and features the hit singles "Maps" and "Animals," which hit #1 on the Top 40 chart. Maroon 5 recently released "Sugar," the third single from their latest album. The album was released via Levine's label, 222 Records. Maroon 5 hits the Honda Center this week with support from MAGIC!, and Rozzi Crane. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, April 7 Jenny Lewis The Glass House Jenny Lewis--do we still need to say "once of Rilo Kiley"?--comes and goes as she pleases, punctuating a seven-year space since her last album But the longer Lewis takes to write a song, the better it usually comes out, with experience and honesty delivered so subtly they're almost hidden, until of course they jump out and bite you. So when we say we think that her best work is still ahead of her, take that as the compliment it is--and when that new album finally shows up, there will certainly be something there to surprise you. (Chris Ziegler)

The Used The Observatory While the majority of the world hasn't heard from too much from The Used in a cool minute, Bert McCracken and company are poised to snag back some of the fans that flitted away along with screamo postcore's popularity (though a solid niche of die-hard fans remain as ferocious as ever). Admittedly, 2009's Artwork is the group's least-favored album, and damn their previous label for mucking around with it too much. But last year saw a little of that old maniacal light come back to their collective eyes with the release of Imaginary Enemy, their sixth studio album. Take a trip back to the millennium as The Used play the Observatory back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday with Every Time I Die, Marmozets, & The Eeries. (Erin DeWitt) Wednesday, April 8 Drive Like Jehu The Glass House Since breaking up in 1995, San Diego's Drive Like Jehu have become one of those bands whose influence stretches far beyond their original fan base. Their mix of punk energy, raw-nerve songwriting, math-rock technicality and post-hardcore dissonance can be heard in acolytes from The Blood Brothers to These Arms Are Snakes. After further bolstering their reputation for vicious guitar onslaughts in Hot Snakes, singer-guitarist Rick Froberg and lead guitarist John Reis have reunited Drive Like Jehu's original lineup to revisit material from their twin landmark albums, 1991's self-titled debut and 1994's groundbreaking Yank Crime. (Andy Hermann)

Thursday, April 9

DJ Quik and Suga Free The Observatory DJ Quik is known for producing records at record speed, while Suga Free, the self proclaimed pimp-turned-rapper, is anything but sweet. This dynamic duo first came together in 1997 when Quik produced Suga's debut album, Street Gospel. True to Quik's name, the album was completed in just 28 days and featured a unique sound that became an instant California classic. Now the West Coast pioneers are at it again, co-headlining at the the Observatory, with Quik performing his 1991 debut Quik is the Name. Witness the magic as the pair performs their hits like "Tonite" and "Born and Raised in Compton." Unlike their monikers suggest, this concert won't be quick, but it's sure to be sweet. (Amanda Parsons) See also: The 50 Best Things About the OC Music Scene The 50 Worst Things About the OC Music Scene The 25 Greatest OC Bands of All Time: The Complete List

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