Soulja Boy cares about your education.
Soulja Boy cares about your education.
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The Best Back to School Hip-Hop Jams

Soulja Boy cares about your education.
Soulja Boy cares about your education.
YouTube Screen Capture

YouTube Screen Capture
Soulja Boy cares about your education.
It's the week after Labor Day and that means students coast-to-coast are heading back to school! While education is important, the end of summer and the return of homework may be seen as a downer for some. Fortunately, there's plenty of tunes to change your perspective and get you ready to reunite with friends and get some learning in. In the name of your own educational benefit, we're happy to bring you list of the Best Back to School Hip-Hop Jams

Soulja Boy - "1st Day of School"

Say what you will about Soulja Boy, and a lot has been said, but what can't be denied is his uncanny ability to transfer the exuberance of youth onto a track. It's an unfiltered organic reflection of what those teenage years were truly like, especially shining on his magnum opus "1st Day of School." From his 2010 album

The Deandre Way

, Soulja Boy completely captures the feeling of showing up to that first class and reuniting with friends with a brand new outfit to start the brand new year.

Outkast featuring Slimm Calhoun - "High Schoolin'"

From the soundtrack to the 1999 high school hijack movie

Light It Up

comes Outkast and protege Slimm Calhoun's "High Schoolin'." An outstanding track from a time where Big Boi and Dre were absolutely decimating soundtracks left and right with exclusive songs, "High Schoolin" is like an entire pep rally condensed into three minutes. This is also an early glimpse into Calhoun whose underrated single "It's OK" was still a year away.

Fat Boys - "One Billion is Big"

Math is one of the most polarizing subjects, you either love it or you hate it to the second power. If any group can help provide a basis for all multiplication needs, it's the Fat Boys with their cut for '80s kids show "Square," the surprisingly infectious "One Billion is Big." The Fay Boys always seemed inspired when rhyming about obtaining a lot of food, and "One Billion is Big" is no exception.

MC Paul Barman - "Senioritis"

For a lot of students, this week may mean their last first week of classes at their learning institution. Whether high school or college, there's a good chance that they might be "over it." For them, there's MC Paul Barman's 2000 track "Senioritis," a track articulating exactly how it feels when you have just one more year to go before graduation, and it's the longest year of your life.

C-Rayz Walz featuring Wordsworth, J-Treads, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Breeze Brewin and MF Doom - "The Line-Up"

But the best part of every new school year is seeing all your friends again. The lunch room is home to plenty of great memories, and works as the perfect setting for one of our favorite posse cuts, C-Rayz Walz's "The Line-Up." From his 2003 album


, Walz enlists a who's who of turn-of-the-century underground greats around the loose concept of waiting in line for lunch and having a quick cypher. It's hard to say who came the nicest, but it does notably close with a very underrated MF Doom verse.

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