The Abigails: They Have A Mysterious Relationship With Satan

The Abigails: They Have A Mysterious Relationship With Satan

The Abigails are a relatively new band out of Costa Mesa fronted by Warren Thomas (The Growlers, Grand Elegance). His voice is markedly deep and draws images of what Johnny Cash might sound like on a comedown. Their gritty outlaw country sound is not anything new, but certainly a refreshing and, may we say welcome, addition to the surplus of great bands out of Costa Mesa.

We can't speak for the factual quality of Thomas' answers in this interview, but we hope it's like, you know, entertaining and stuff.

OC Weekly: You have some pretty dark imagery in your songs like Satan, hell, alcoholism. Where does this dark imagery come from?
Warren Thomas: Well for this record in particular, I was in a relationship with this guy. Me and this guy had been dating for a while and I had to go to jail and when I got out of jail the guy broke up with me. That was kinda hardcore so I kinda had to figure it out how to channel this negative stuff going on in my mind; how to get it out and move on.

How does the devil come in to all this?
Oh, yeah, Satan. Well Satan's a mysterious guy. We have a very mysterious relationship. That's really all I can say about that. My good friend Ellie Mae plays with us and she also has a relationship with Satan. Kyle [Mullarky]'s more of a family man, but it's all about balance. 

How did the Abigails start?
Kyle and I have been playing music together for about 12 or 13 years. We were working on some new songs and like I said, I had to go to jail. When I got out of jail I was like fuck this. I'm going to start a new band and it's going to be called the Abigails, which in Hebrew means "father's joy" and I felt like that was pretty appropriate. Then I was like "We should just record an album." So Kyle and I just recorded an album in a month or two in his home studio. This is our fourth show [Aug 19 at La Cave] so it's all pretty fresh.

When does your album come out?
It's already out. We had our first show and our album out at the same time. We kind of did things backwards. Our album's available. I don't know where you can get it yet, but I have it. It's called Songs of Love and Despair. I want to try to release as much stuff as possible. Right now we're workin' on a second album. My goal is by the end of this year, I'd like to have two albums and two seven-inches out. I think I'm capable of pulling that off. I'll make it happen. 

[Kyle's studio] is pretty convenient because we can write a song and record it right there. We haven't even practiced that much. I think we've practiced twice. We're capable of playing all the songs. 
What do you do in your free time when you're not making music?
You know, I cruise around a lot. I [am] a man about town. The other day was my first day home in a month. I had a couple encounters with Satan. Everything was pretty safe. I like going to the beach. I like drinkin' beer. Just experimenting [with] life. Just checkin' it out, dippin' in to it. 

What's next for the Abigails?
We're going to move up to Topanga Canyon. Kyle and I actually adopted a couple of kids. We adopted one kid, his name is Liam, four and a half years ago. We adopted a girl three years ago. Her name's Baby Girl. We want to make sure to get Liam and Baby Girl in a good school district. We decided to go to Topanga Canyon. We're going to have desert children. We're going to be desert dads. 

The Abigails perform with Afghan Hounds and TRMRS Friday at La Cave in Costa Mesa. 10 p.m. Free. 21+ 

They also perform with Flowers and Bulls, TRC and Somedays on Sunday at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. 3 p.m. Free. 21+


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