The 20 Best OC Music Videos of 2014

Kiev, "Be Gone Dull Cage"
Kiev, "Be Gone Dull Cage"
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Usually when you hear the phrase "local music video," you think of a group of musicians with a shoe string budget (mostly to buy beer) and a borrowed digital camcorder. But local artists of all stripes greatly surpassed our expectations when it came to their music videos this year. At a time when visuals to a song are just as important as ever, we see OC acts continually rise to the occasion and use plenty of balls, guts and imagination (and in some cases, lots of weed) to come up with a concept that will bring their songs to life. Though there were probably too many videos to mention in a single post, these are the handful that were funny, creative, and daring enough to make our list of the 20 Best Orange County Music Videos of 2014.

20. Matt Allenn, "MURSE"

Matt Allenn delivers his bass rattling banger Murse that should definitely be tagged as one of the year's best, if for nothing else for the sheer amount of tagging that goes on in this video. Between that and all the intimidating stares given by him and his crew--including members of local Santa Ana hip-hop collective Get Money Boys--this is one hard-ass video.

19. Max and the Moon, "Crazy"

In case you're not quite sure what Max and the Moon's indie pop gem "Crazy" is about...they went ahead and spelled it out for you. This fun lyric video showed up in February with the arrival of their



18. Hero For Today, "All You Wanted"

Glad to see that in addition to making buoyant, pop punk anthems, Hero For Today apparently gave no fucks if all their equipment got wet during this summertime video for "All You Wanted." Way to live in the moment, guys!

17. Ariano, "Armor"

What's a girl to do when she's starved for cash and low on options? She shows you her tats to pay the bills. This is one of a handful of videos rapper/singer Ariano made for his 2014 EP

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