The 10 Best Tiger Army Songs

The 10 Best Tiger Army Songs

Tiger Army may only have four albums and a handful of EPs, but there's no denying that the band will forever be known (at least in our book) as the kings of psychobilly. With the 6th annual Octoberflame coming up this weekend at the City National Grove of Anaheim, a debate over their best songs compelled us to crank out this list based off of songs that the fans like, that are most played at Octoberflame, and songs that lyrically/musically stand out above them all. Here are our picks for the10 Best Tiger Army songs.

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10. F.T.W.

With honest lyrics like "Every day I want to die/ Fuck the World," it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular songs Tiger Army plays. Originally this song came out as a single on

Punk Fiction

(1997), and it's one of the shortest, to-the-point songs that they perform and it is always a crowd pleaser.

9. Hechizo de Amor

Did you know that Nick 13 sang in Spanish? It is amazing isn't it? "Hechizo de Amor" or Spell of Love is off of

Tiger Army

(2007) their first full-length album. With lyrics like "A spell of love to unite us in the night, and in your Heart When you wake, you will think of me Oh yes, you will think of me," who wouldn't want to hear this song over and over in Spanish. Even if you can't understand what he is saying because you don't speak Spanish, the music and the lyrics just melt together like butter in the song.

8. Annabel Lee

One of the songs that is usally played as an encore, it always seems to put the crowd into the right mood for them to end the night. This song came off of Tiger Army II; Power of Moonlight (2001). It seems that many writers find themselves writing about Annabel Lee, well thanks bitch for all the creativity without it we wouldn't have this great song and some Edgar Allan Poe.

7. Power of Moonlight

With a very strong guitar at the beginning of this song, it is hard to not be immediately drawn in by "Power of Moonlight." The title track off of

Tiger Army II; Power of Moonlight

, it is easy to hear why this is one of the best Tiger Army songs. It is hard to find a reason to not add this song to the list, it is lyrically sound and the music that goes along with it is perfect with a strong bass line at 2: 23, it's the perfect example of everything that Tiger Army is about.

6. Prelude; Nightfall

At the beginning of each album, Tiger Army uses a prelude before they thrust you into the album. They also use these to start off their concerts. The anticipation that is created from hearing the first track is amazing. Each of the Preludes sets up the tone for the album and allows the listener to know what is going to be coming up next. This particular one came from

Tiger Army


5. Santa Carla Twilight

Santa Carla being the city of the Lost Boys, this song is of course tied to the horror community in so many ways, and the article from Nick 13 last year, demonstrates his love for all of those things. The many references that come from their music is always pleasant because it is the tiny reference that connects fan and band together. Off of III: Ghost Tigers Rise (2004) this song brings together fans of the horror movie genre will one little reference.

4. Afterworld

With a little bit of a heavier country tone "Afterworld", off of

Music from Regions Beyond

(2007) demonstrates that they can play fast psychobilly but are also capable of slower, rockabilly tunes. The band plays many different sounds which combined has given them a rockabilly sound, but they also have notes of industrial, classic rock, and country which can be heard in this song and in all of them.

3. Devil Girl

Though it's one of their shorter tunes, the lyrically-heavy "Devil Girl" describes how everyone comes across that woman who looks so good but, of course, is so bad for you. Despite your best judgment, you go for it anyway.This song comes off of

Tiger Army

(1999). Who could blame a person for wanting a devil girl at least once in their life?

2. In the Orchard

This is personally my favorite Tiger Army song and one that was requested for the list. This song not only has some of the best lyrics but it also has some of the best bass lines in psychobilly history. It maybe the slowest song off of

Power of Moonlight

(2001) but is the best one. It is simple amazing. This is pure demonstration as to well Nick 13 and company can play their instruments.

1. Rose in the Devil's Garden

If Tiger Army had any major hits, this is it. This song is one of the few that has it's own music video and listening to the song you can hear why. This was the first song I heard in my teen's years in my friends 67 Oldsmobile. It is always played at Tiger Army concerts and the crowd every time flips out. Even when they played in that terrible hanger for Musink 2012, the crowd knew what song it was and started dancing. This song is everything that Tiger Army brings to the table and because it is a very sound song and the popularity among the fans for this song, it is our number one.

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