The 10 Best Tiger Army Songs

The 10 Best Tiger Army Songs

Tiger Army may only have four albums and a handful of EPs, but there's no denying that the band will forever be known (at least in our book) as the kings of psychobilly. With the 6th annual Octoberflame coming up this weekend at the City National Grove of Anaheim, a debate over their best songs compelled us to crank out this list based off of songs that the fans like, that are most played at Octoberflame, and songs that lyrically/musically stand out above them all. Here are our picks for the10 Best Tiger Army songs.

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10. F.T.W.

With honest lyrics like "Every day I want to die/ Fuck the World," it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular songs Tiger Army plays. Originally this song came out as a single on

Punk Fiction

(1997), and it's one of the shortest, to-the-point songs that they perform and it is always a crowd pleaser.

9. Hechizo de Amor

Did you know that Nick 13 sang in Spanish? It is amazing isn't it? "Hechizo de Amor" or Spell of Love is off of

Tiger Army

(2007) their first full-length album. With lyrics like "A spell of love to unite us in the night, and in your Heart When you wake, you will think of me Oh yes, you will think of me," who wouldn't want to hear this song over and over in Spanish. Even if you can't understand what he is saying because you don't speak Spanish, the music and the lyrics just melt together like butter in the song.

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