The 10 Best Post-Rock Songs

The 10 Best Post-Rock Songs

Post-rock at its best is an ideal soundtrack for car chases, interstellar combat and nighttime prowls on the Serengeti. The music is composed with rock instruments--guitar, drums, swagger, etc.--but isn't chained to standard verse-chorus-verse structures. Instead, these songs rise and fall with dynamic changes in volume, tone and delay-soaked time signature shifts. Vocals are usually absent, since these artists aren't trying to bludgeon that catchy hook into your skull 346 times in four minutes or less. Here is our list of the 10 Best Post Rock Bands.

Tortoise, "Seneca" Standards, 2001

Post-rock arguably owes more to Tortoise than any other group, but don't tell them that - the band has swirled through jazz, krautrock, dub and dance music, and chafes under attempts at pigeonholing. "Seneca," the lead track from their fourth album, is a modern classic - be sure to stick around through the two-minute mark, when the fuzzy instrumental freakout locks into a mutant groove.

Balmorhea, "Fake Fealty" Stranger, 2012

Keeping Austin weird since 2006, Balmorhea began life as a quiet, minimalist sextet built around strings, acoustic guitars and soft, plinking piano parts. Their scope has expanded with each new record, incorporating the odd electric guitar and punchy drum fill on songs like "Fake Fealty," from the band's fourth full-length. (Also, it's pronounced Bal-more-ray, so please correct your friends.)

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