The 10 Best Pool Songs

Hey, girl, you know you need some tunes to go with that tan.
Hey, girl, you know you need some tunes to go with that tan.

It's officially gotten to that point of the summer when there's only two forms of salvation for OC residents: air conditioning and the pool. Since you may want to put the blazing sun to use once in a while and get a tan, here are 10 songs to jam out to while you're in or around the pool.

10. "Feeling Alright" by Rebelution

Over the past few years, Rebelution has become one of the biggest reggae-rock bands around. While most of the band's songs would sound perfect from a lounge chair or a pool noodle, "Feeling Alright" is a song about just enjoying life and listening to music, which is exactly what chilling at the pool is all about. Actually, you could just throw on Rebelution's

Courage to Grow

and hang out near the water for quite some time.

9. "Medicine" by Cisco Adler

It shouldn't really be a surprise that one of Malibu's favorite sons can make some good beach/pool music. More or less every album he's ever touched has at least a few ideal summer tunes, and his 2012 effort,


, contained more than a few beachy classics. "Medicine" is all about reminiscing on how things used to be when you were younger and realizing that just because things are different, it doesn't mean they're any worse.

8. "Headlines" by Drake

Lounging at the pool is one of the easiest ways to feel like a baller, regardless of your actual financial situation. Whether it's in your friend's backyard, a cheap apartment complex, or a hotel party, pools are great places to pretend you're way richer and more successful than you really are without actually having to break the bank. "Headlines" is the perfect song for that mentality because just like you don't really have that money, Drake won't really be killing anyone, no matter how hyped up he gets. We know, we know. we know.

7. "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" by Kendrick Lamar

While the verses may be a tad bit aggressive for pool parties, the chorus is entirely too perfect to pass up for any pool party. Kendrick often does a great job of combining introspective lyrics with catchy hooks and beats, and the closest thing he's ever done to a summer jam is a perfect example of that. Bonus points if you opt for the remix version that features Jay Z, even if some of the best lines from the original have been left out.

6. "Island in the Sun" by Weezer

If there's one early-2000s rock song that's perfect for the pool, it has to be Weezer's 2001 jam. Sure, it's not as chill or as "ballerific" as some of the other songs, but sometimes hanging at the pool isn't all about being on top of your game. If you're just kicking it at the pool with some friends and looking to turn your brain off, "Island in the Sun" is the perfect jam to just throw on and drift off.

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