The 10 Best Local Underground Metal Bands

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The underground metal scene in the greater LA area is so vast and the borders between LA, the OC and IE are so porous, that it makes no sense to always clump bands into a city, or county only basis, or association. Many of the bands on this list contain members who live throughout Southern California, and almost all of them have played many times in Orange County, enough that we might consider them to be local metal bands. We now present out favorite local extreme metal bands.

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10. Infinite Death

Based out of the greater LA/Whittier areas, Infinite Death is an up-and-coming extreme metal band, that fans the flames of old school death metal, thrash metal and black metal. The vocals are loud, clear and harsh, deep with majestic brutality and compliment the smashing drums, and laser fast bass lines and razor sharp guitar riffs that allow room for melody within chaos. Although the band was born in 2010, Infinite Death has already gained notoriety for intense, haunting live shows, and has earned a solid fan base throughout OC and the rest of Southern California, playing any opportunity that comes up.

9. Syrebris

Memebers of Syrebris are from various parts of LA County, the Inland Empire and San Fernando Valley. But that doesn't stop this spread out, progressive death metal machine from working. And since around 2006, the band has been pummeling out a form of esoteric death metal that have minds opening and heads banging. With a sound that is vey heavy, melodic, intense and cerebral, the band's music is fueled by motifs of esoteric thoughts, exploring the nature of reality, and expanding consciousness. Syrebris is inspired equally by Death and Suffocation, as well progressive, classical, world music and jazz arrangements. The band's line up consists of husband and wife duo, guitarists Victoria and Manuel Villarreal, and bass player Jesse Villalta with drummer James Coppolino. Be sure to check out the band's album,

Aetheric Dynamics


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