TGIF: This Weekend, a Few Shows Only We Can Tell You About

TGIF: This Weekend, a Few Shows Only We Can Tell You About

Why do we say that? Because tonight, Magic Triangles take the stage at the Blue Café in Long Beach, with the near-impossible-to-Google-named Technology and the equally how-do-you-expect-people-to-find-you monikered Vice Versa. So on that front alone we have to salute the headliners for their singularity of identification.
The quartet's music happily embraces the kind of synth-based flowing cool that derives as much from New Age as shoegaze, mixed up with the kind of pre-Nine Inch Nails dank demi-industrial clatter which a lot of late eighties late night college radio shows happily played. We will spare you further personal details of how we have a lot of this knowledge first-hand.

Tonight  also has the Nekromantix coming to town to perform at the Galaxy Concert Theatre, along with the Mutilators and the Howlers. Accompanying them in the audience will be approximately ten thousand pompadours and/or black outfits and T-shirts and/or tattoos, which is no bad thing if one can get that perfectly wasted 'cover drawing of the Cramps Bad Music for Bad People' look. There's a reason why psychobilly taps into that perfect intersection of freaked-out hormones and sepulchral fashions and Kim Nekroman and company are more than happy to celebrate it, preferably with hyperactive standup bass.

Saturday finds Jack's 5th Show-at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. If there's a theme to the lineup it's almost 1983 or so-Steve Miller was having hits like "Abracadabra," the Fixx had "Saved By Zero," Modern English did "I Melt With You," Night Ranger was starting to kick in a bit and so forth. Exactly what lineup the Sweet will be fielding is a good question, maybe Skid Row can flat out join 'em.

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