TGIF: Peter Murphy (Again!), Grrl Fair, Acrobatics Everyday

TGIF: Peter Murphy (Again!), Grrl Fair, Acrobatics Everyday

What's happening this weekend? If you're not heading over to the Exene show in Fullerton (and why not? It's $2!), we have a slew of other options for you after the jump.
Friday also has a show of note for emo/hardcore types of a certain age, thanks to Chuck Ragan's appearance at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, along with Audra Mae, Jonny "2 Bags" Wickersham and more. Ragan's initial fame came from fronting Hot Water Music, and while that band is still working on their formal reunion album after a recent series of tours and sessions, Ragan's own solo work has been pretty prolific, as has his own touring schedule. For those with a taste for the heartfelt-guy-on-guitar approach, it could be manna from heaven--but there are predictions for a packed crowd, so you might want to buy tickets early.

Saturday features Grrl Fair at the Santora Arts Building in Santa Ana, and if you wanted an example of the kind of spirit that Exene helped inspire in part, here's where to go. After last year's comedy of errors resulting in the fair being cancelled, things are back to where they should be for an afternoon and evening's worth of performers: Bella Novela, Cunt Sparrer, Sunny War, Without the Blonde and many more, plus speakers, art presentations--the list goes on. In two words, just go--and read our preview article in this week's issue if you need more reasons.

Saturday has another homegrown touch to it, thanks to the Acrobatics Everyday crew at UC Irvine. Their featured show to help end another academic quarter is headlined by New York trio Silk Flowers, working in their own intriguingly arty vein, but locals may be inspired as well by the appearance of Preggers--Dean Spunt of No Age putting on a solo appearance. Other fine folks making an appearance include the wonderful psych-noise act Queen Victoria and Ema, the new band from Erika Anderson of Gowns. And Adam Lipman completes another inspired five-band lineup.

Sunday has the return of Peter Murphy to Orange County, with the legendary Bauhaus front man playing at the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana for the first time in a decade (he's more often found at the House of Blues). Following a couple of years' worth of singles and tours, he's set to release his ninth solo album in a couple of months; it's called, simply enough, Ninth. This weekend, he will doubtless be presenting another engaging collage of solo hits, Bauhaus favorites and a few surprises. All this while showing his voice still flat-out kills live.


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