TGIF: Four Shows You Can't Miss--Girl Talk, New Fidelity, California Metal Fest 5 and Soundtrack of our Lives

TGIF: Four Shows You Can't Miss--Girl Talk, New Fidelity, California Metal Fest 5 and Soundtrack of our Lives

What's going on this weekend? High energy shows no matter where you look. From Girl Talk to the New Fidelity, we have a short list for every genre you want to jump up and down in.

On Saturday, Girl Talk brings his laptop to the Fox Theatre in Pomona, and one can reasonably assume a lot of people will be getting down posthaste as soon as he starts up. We'd even be willing to guess he'll repurpose Rebecca Black's "Friday" for the set somehow, even if a day late. When Mark Hosler from Negativland talks about how entertaining Girl Talk has made sampling and reworking the past, it's a pretty clear sign of the impact he's had. Check out our feature story on him in this week's music section for more, or just search up one of eight million clips online:

Saturday also finds the New Fidelity doing their pepped-up neo-mod/soul thing at King Neptune's in Sunset Beach along with the 20 Grand Club and DJ Reuben. The New Fidelity have been local (and OC Weekly) favorites for many years now, and their various TV placements show they've got their high level fans, including good ol' Rodney Bingenheimer, still with his eye out for what's good in life. The quintet are gearing up into action after a three month break so check out their appearance in this week's Locals Only feature for more information.

Over in Anaheim that night, the California Metal Fest 5 kicks into gear with, well, the name says it all. As I Lay Dying are the headliners, while others on the bill include Suicide Silence, Winds of Plague, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour, After the Burial, Sleeping Giant, As Blood Runs Black and the Sleeping Giant. One almost wishes that there'd be a completely over the top and ultraviolent band in this vein called Fluffy Bunny, except it's entirely possible there already is one and we just haven't heard about it yet. In the meantime, crank up the amps and let fly.

On Sunday, the Soundtrack of Our Lives settles into the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa to make some elaborate noises - which is what the Swedish act has done best over fifteen years of time. Though their American profile has always been a bit sporadic outside of the album Behind the Music, the band's gleeful way around anything and everything psych-inspired, glam-damaged and otherwise not quite of this earth has been the key reason why they keep on keeping on, to the point where some reissues of their past work are due soon. All the more reason to see what they're up to these days.


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