TGIF: Eddie Spaghetti, OC Music Awards, Autolux, the Scion Fest and More

TGIF: Eddie Spaghetti, OC Music Awards, Autolux, the Scion Fest and More

Just in case you don't have plans yet this weekend, we've chosen the best of what's around for your perusal, with tidbits of Eddie Spaghetti, OC Music Awards, Autolux (pictured above), the Scion Fest and more.

Costa Mesa on Friday is a one-two punch of Eddie Spaghetti and Blag Dahlia at the Tiki Bar. One has to wonder if it'll be just blood left on the stage at the end of the night or maybe some other fluids. The two none-more-American punk performers made their initial mark via noted and sometimes notorious bands-Spaghetti with the Supersuckers and Dahlia with the completely over the top Dwarves. (At one time Dwarves seemed to be the only band up for giving GWAR a run for its money in the "destroy everything with copious gore" sweepstakes.) Whatever happens that night, it will presumably not be Simon and Garfunkel-like acoustic guitar and harmonizing. 

 Saturday also features Autolux down at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, taking a little visit south from their LA haunts to appear on a bill with the Soft Moon. It's a perfect matching for anyone with an interest in things slightly blissed out. Autolux's last album from the previous year, Transit Transit, shows that the general scene that inspired the Silversun Pickups has other things going on as well. We also found out that the Soft Moon's bandleader recorded their debut album completely solo at home. (About the only other thing needed would have been to just release it on tape.) 

 Further afield on Saturday is the Scion Rock Fest at the Fox Theater and Glass House in Pomona, the latest example of the weird world of advertising colliding with music in unexpected ways. (If anyone knows if Scion's actually getting a spike in sales by putting on these free shows, we'd love confirmation.) Morbid Angel's headlining appearance is probably a key reason as to why the show's RSVP list is already fully booked, but throw in acts like Obituary, Death Angel, Agalloch, Atheist, Black Breath, Woe and Christian Mistress and little wonder that every Decibel reader in the area will be there. 

 Sunday serves as a reminder to check out the local treasure that is Evan Stone's Jazz Jam at Steamers in Fullerton. The club's now-legendary stature as a key focal point for jazz lovers and players continues; Stone's regular Sunday night stint there is a reason why. He and his trio act as the core, but if you have an instrument and are willing to step up, they'll happily invite you to play. It's a good reminder that it's not as stark a line between the stage and the seats as might be thought.


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