Crown Valley Parkway
Crown Valley Parkway

Teen Pop Punkers Offer High-Pitched War Cry Against Texting While Driving at Text Kills K-Jam 2012

You wanna find out the issues that are on kid's minds these days, look for a local benefit concert. A decade ago, the hot causes might've involved organizations like Plea for Peace or Fuck Cancer. Today, straight-laced, pop punk-loving teens and tweens are standing together against a new cause: Texting while driving. You've seen the commercials. The fried egg "This is your brain on drugs" spots are now replaced by PSAs like these.

So it makes sense that a shindig like this month's Text Kills K-Jam 2012 would be a hot ticket for a generation of youngsters with smartphones embedded in their palms and fresh-minted driver's licenses in their wallets. On November 10, donation-supported organization Text Kills, which preaches against the dangers of driving while distracted, is hosting five teen pop punk bands to perform at the Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo. Riding in on the Text Kills tour bus, bands Crown Valley Parkway, False Puppet, Ugly Paint, ONE11 and The A-Symmetrics are joining forces to deliver bubbly music with a hard message: text and drive, and you're no better than the gorilla in the video below. Even if the sound of this music would ordinarily make you want to run off the road and into a ditch on purpose, you have to admit, these kids have their heart in the right place.

This little ditty is just of one of what might be an unheard of amount of anti-texting songs that'll encourage you to stop piddling with Angry Birds to keep your eyes on the road. Hosted by 14 year-old singer-songwriter Sabrina Lentini, it also doubles as a canned food drive. The event goes from 6-10 p.m.Find out more about the

event here

, just make sure you park somewhere before you decide to look it up.

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