Teen Daze Coming To Irvine; To Celebrate, Download Free Songs!

Teen Daze Coming To Irvine; To Celebrate, Download Free Songs!

I hate Internet hype. Mostly because it will take a band like Vancouver residents Teen Daze and blog about it to eternity and give it labels like the "chillest band on earth" or "chillwave geniuses" or "Mysterious Canadians."
But I do find it amazing that secretive electronica band Teen Daze is coming to perform at UCI's Acrobatics Everyday on Aug. 15--precisely because of the Internet hype. (Gobble Gobble and Kites Sail High provide support.)  It's Teen Daze's first time in the U.S.--not surprising, considering he's only been putting out music since April.

While it's true that not much was known about Vancouver's Teen Daze when they started putting up music on their Tumblr early this year (no band bio, no band member names,
no contact info), they caught the Internet by storm in days. "Shine On, You Crazy White Cap" (download here) and "Gone for the Summer (Part 2)" were everywhere, from Pitchfork to Gorilla vs Bear.  Since then, Arcade Sound Ltd, has announced the release of Teen
Daze's album, Four More Years. It will drop digitally on July 23 and physically as a 12" on August 10; an exclusive remixed EP will be  on iTunes on June 22.

Here's an awesome remix of Local Natives' "Wide Eyes" that you can download here. You can also download the collaboration between Teen Daze and Houses here, and "Saviour," here. 

Four More Years track list:
1. Four More Years
2. Gone For The Summer
3. Neon
4. Around
5. No Regrets
6. Shine On, You Crazy White Cap
7. Saviour
8. Spin Around, Go Ahead


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