Ted Leo Interview w/ Max Silvestri: The Video

It's a rare thing to witness true journalistic excellence play out right before your very eyes. On March 11, eclectic punk vet Ted Leo--of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists--sat down with interviewer Max Silvestri during the underground NYC TV broadcast of Our Show with Elliot Aronow at the Santos Party House in Manhattan.

Ted Leo
Ted Leo
Shawn Brackbill

In front of a live audience, they shared some witty repartee about some of the meanest things that have been said about Leo on Twitter. Turns out he's not too popular with Misfits fans, priests, or kids with muscular dystrophy. Who knew? (Hey, it was on the Internet. It must be true!) Tonight, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists perform at the Glass House in Pomona. Here's hoping the show doesn't end as abruptly as this interview.


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