SXSW: OC Weekly Exclusive Part II-Virtual Girl Talk and Incidentals

OC Weekly exclusive video of Girl Talk's performance at last night's Diesel jeans party here. If you put on your headphones, get your face right up next to the screen, and dowse yourself in other people's sweat, it'll be just like you were there.

Below: You know how we do at SXSW. No one parties like music journalists party (i.e. prowl through town searching for free booze, get drunk, complain about how the band they were in in college never made it despite being more talented then 90 percent of the other groups here, then go back to their hotel room, cry a little, and watch documentaries on local PBS until they pass out.)

I had a dream last night that I was on a date with SXSW performer Lily Allen and she was a very lovely, very cordial woman.

At various times throughout this festival, I have heard at least six separate people say, "I never want to listen to music again."


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