Sweet Dreams

I dreamt of Japan last night.

There were old women forcing me to memorize silly haikus about the rain while planes flew overhead, dropping enormous bombs that were later revealed to be gigantic soap bubbles. I dreamt of Japan last night instead of going out to Social Studies at the Majestic in Huntington Beach, and I blame it all on Sofia Coppola.

Had I not caught a Sabbath matinee screening of Lost in Translation and subsequently stumbled out of the theater, all tingly and giddy, in love with the sunset and hankering for a trip to Little Tokyo, I might've been in the mood for a night of old-school hip-hop and break dancers. But instead I stayed in, threw on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, curled up with a copy of Matthew McIntosh's Well and arrived in Japan minutes later.

Of course, my early slumber could have also had something to do with the action-packed week leading up to it, beginning with a Tuesday night spent sipping martinis and grooving to mellow soul tunes at the Avalon Bar. After first making an embarrassing request for a whiskey and Coke—it's strictly a martini, beer and wine bar—I settled on a key-lime-pie martini and retreated to the back of the bar. DJs Jason, Angelinaand Sean were at the helm, and between their smooth sonic offerings and the bar's impressive array of funky brown and orange lampshades—not to mention the comfy, basement rec-roomesque furniture—I decided to make Avalon my new home on Tuesday evenings.

Thursday night, it was off to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for their all-night Cabaret LACMA celebration. My posh friends and I began the evening by enjoying some Charlie Shaw while huddled inside a SAAB in the museum's parking structure. Half an hour later, we arrived at the museum, rosy-cheeked and hungry for high culture—and then promptly left, after witnessing the two-hour line wrapped around the block. And by left, I mean that my girl friends flirted with some geek-chic boys, cut in line, and made their way inside the museum while my other two guy friends and I stood in the middle of the street, half-empty bottles of Chuck in hand, thumbs in the air, and shouted, "Free wine for a ride to Sunset!" until three kind souls named Adam, Lindsayand Pat whisked us away to a get-together at an apartment in Beverly Hills. They even refused to accept our wine, the sweethearts!

Wrapping up the week on Saturday, I headed out to my pal Jessica's bachelorette party at Mr. J's in Santa Ana. Now, maybe it was all the fire-and-brimstone doctrine that I learned in Catholic grade school—or my inherent suspicion of anyone dressed only in a bow tie and shirt cuffs—but the waiter standing next to me put it best when he observed, "Honey, I've never seen someone here look so bored!" What can I say? Nearly naked men giving lap dances to blond divorcees with a penchant for not closing their legs while sitting down—off-white granny panties: always a faux pas—and onstage, no less? Not hot. But Bill Murray singing karaoke in an apartment overlooking Tokyo with an absolutely smokin' pink-wigged Scarlett Johansson by his side? Yum!

This week, find fodder for dreams of your own, beginning at Fitzgerald's in Huntington Beach on Thursday as they present Club Vinyl, another new night of '80s and retro music, featuring DJ M.K. On Friday, head out to Fierro's in Fullerton for Gravy, and dance to deep house and funk beats courtesy of DJs Joey Bickle and Joe Rod. Then, join the hordes of hipsters stepping out on the town on Saturday for Funksoop's debut atop the Long Beach Holiday Inn in their Panorama Lounge. Or, if mojitinis and post-punk are more your thing, trek down to the Bamboo Terrace in Costa Mesa for the Program and shake like Ian Curtis while DJs Jasper and Sublyminal spin. On Sunday, you should take a break from partying and let others bring the good times to you during Erik Mackenroth's comedy showcase at the Atlanta Lounge. But be sure to get back on the party wagon on Monday and catch Lost in Translation, heading out afterward to China Beach in San Clemente for cheap drinks and a little karaoke of your own. Consider it a pre-party for your Tuesday night at Avalon. Finally, finish strong on Wednesday at the Old World Oktoberfest for their German Day celebration. Sweet dreams!


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