Susan SurfTone: Former FBI Agent, Surf Guitarist Coming to Long Beach

Nothing cooler than a surf guitarist with a past--especially if, like Susan SurTtone, it's a past that involves Russian spies and such. According to Rebecca Haithcoat at our sister publication LA Weekly,

In the early '80s, SurfTone (real name: Susan Yasinski) was an FBI agent in New York, chosen to monitor KGB agents assigned to UN headquarters...Sexy job, but she became worried about her future within the bureau. For a lesbian, upward mobility was not going to come easily...But something other than the challenge of hiding her sexual orientation ultimately led to her resignation from the FBI. Though staking out KGB agents was fun, she wanted to play CBGB's.

In 1993, SurfTone formed a surf instrumental band. Ten albums later, Surftone released a solo album--2011's Shore. This weekend, Susan SurfTone is performing two rare SoCal shows: on Friday (March 2), she'll be playing a free show at Max Steiner's in Long Beach at 11pm with Tahiti Shuttle Experiment and Los Toronados.

On Saturday, March 3, she'll be at Redwood Bar (316 W. 2nd St. Los Angeles) openers Hula Girls, Los Toronados at 10 p.m. (with Black Widows and Insect Surfers), $7 at the door.

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