I like the challenge because I want to be nervous sometimes.
I like the challenge because I want to be nervous sometimes.
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Steve Trevino's Crash Course in Guy Code

Comedian Steve Trevino might come off somewhat bitter on stage but the truth is, he has nothing to be angry about in the least. He gets to make a living traveling around cracking jokes while entertaining the masses. He even has a gorgeous wife that puts up with his shit (we know because she's a constant source of material on stage).

Steve's set is jam packed with real life stories making him a highly approachable and completely humble guy. Before his upcoming weekend at the Brea Improv June 6th through 9th, we used his extreme straightforwardness as an excuse to play a game with him based on an MTV show and to get some candid info from Trevino who always keeps it totally blunt.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Call me twisted but, I live for watching audiences get uncomfortable at comedy shows. Your set has some bits that make for moments like that which I thoroughly enjoy.

Steve Trevino: [Laughs.] You truly are a stand-up a fan because that's what comics like the most too. Dave Chappelle said it best on stage one night, "You spend your entire career begging people to love you. Then all of the sudden they love you, but now they love you too much. And now you want them to hate you." Sometimes I do shocking things on stage on purpose to bury myself because I want to see how good I am. I want to see if I can dig myself out of a hole. If I can make them laugh after they hate me, then I'm learning something. I can do the bits I usually do but what am I learning? I like the challenge because I want to be nervous sometimes.

Come on. What about the shit you say about your wife? That has to make you nervous that you'll end up sleeping on the couch at some point.

I'm lucky because my wife gets it. When we first started dating I explained to her that I have to be honest on stage and if I start leaving things out of my life, it wouldn't be true to form. Being married is a big part of my life and I think it's grown because at the beginning, what I'd say was kind of misogynistic. Now I think there is kind of an endearing quality about it. [Laughs.] Now there is frustrated man who has given in and lost, you know?

So there's a TV show called "Guy Code" on MTV that basically breaks down the "laws" of being a man versus a woman. I wanted to test my theory that you'd be perfect for this show by asking you some of the topics that came up. Let's do this.

Can men compete with vibrators?

Not really. The only difference is that I can pull hair, take out the trash, and cut the yard. I also believe that if a woman uses a vibrator often, it can make it harder for a guy because my dick can't shake and now you've become used to that! [Laughs.]

What does it mean when your girlfriend says, "I want to take a break?"

I think it means she is fucking somebody else. Men and women break up differently. Women break up gradually and it's a process of things where they get pissed off until they say they need a break. Guys are more in the moment and are like, "I'm pissed off now and I need a fucking break from you because you're asking me about money when I'm the one who makes all of it. Fuck you!"

How do you feel about PDA?

For me, an open mouth kiss is too much. My wife and I also hold hands as long as I can tolerate it. But really, do we have to hold hands the entire fucking movie? And I'll give her a kiss on the lips, but a quick one. People are different but, open mouth kissing when there are other people around? Ughh, have a little respect!

What's the right way to pass some gas around a girl?

I think you just fart. Not only do I fart in front of my wife, I try to fart on her foot. I'll also fart under the blanket and wave it her way. She used to be like, "Ewww you're an idiot!" Now we're at the point where we kind of have a farting game and she'll be like, "I farted on you! You're gonna get it!" My wife is really classy but when it comes to farting, I open the door. Let the games begin!

Steve Trevino performs at the Brea Improv June 6th-9th, 120 South Brea Blvd. 92821, (714) 482-0700. For tickets go to www.Improv.com. For more info, visit Facebook.com/StTrevino and follow him on Twitter: @MrSteveTrevino.

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