RIP, old logo.
RIP, old logo.

State of the Blog Address!

Yep, you can say goodbye to the old

Heard Mentality

blog banner--what with its raucous silhouette person dance party--and hello to the new one, up at the top of the page, with an adorable little orange wearing adorable headphones. (Is it creepy to call a piece of fruit "adorable"? Probably, right?)

Those aren't the only changes to the blog here, as you've surely, hopefully noticed by now.

We're now officially a music and culture blog, or as it says up there, "music + culture + stuff." Steph Calvert's "Gettin' Made" posts have already become one of the most popular aspects of the blog, and we're also doing a bit of visual arts and theater coverage, along with various other "stuff"--like our Comic-Con posts.

Music will remain the focus of the blog, and we're staying as committed as ever to supporting local bands, and letting you know what's coming up locally.

Also, visually, the blog is, uh...wider. So that's cool. The fonts are a little bigger, and we've also got a sweet li'l rail running down the side that shows you our latest tweets from @OCWeeklyMusic (which you really should be following!).

Is there anything else you'd want to see? What you'd want to see more of, less of, etc. Let us know in the comments, or email me at!

(Also, the ch-ch-changes have meant some intermittent periods of down-ness, but those seem to have worked themselves out.)


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