Starfucker at Detroit Bar Last Night
Todd Barnes/OC Weekly

Starfucker at Detroit Bar Last Night

October 29, 2010
Detroit Bar

Last night's gig at Detroit Bar was the last stop for Oregon indie-electro band Starfucker.  Despite being on the road for weeks, it didn't appear they had lost any steam. Playing synthy, catchy, groovy jams in the vein of !!!,   their set became increasingly energetic as they tapped into to the audience's energy. 

Starfucker at Detroit Bar Last Night
Todd Barnes/OC Weekly

During über catchy dance numbers such as "Julius," singer Joshua Hodges rocked back and forth while tickling the keys in front of him. Meanwhile,  shaggy-haired bassist Shawn Glassford twisted and pivoted to the pulsating rhythms. 

Other set highlights included the song "Boy Toy," played toward the end of the 45-minute set. At this point the audience had thinned, but those who stayed behind showed increasing enthusiasm, dancing and shimmying while the band wriggled on stage. 

The evening's drawbacks included the ever-present feedback in the room which seems to be a persistent problem in the small performance space at Detroit. As for the band's drawbacks, singer Hodes' voice tended to blend in with the instrumentation serving more as atmosphere than a guiding presence. That's not to say great bands haven't taken this approach: My Bloody Valentine comes to mind. But it gives the audience less to connect with emotionally--though judging by the way people were moving and shaking, it didn't matter.

 The other highlight of the evening included opening band Kiev. Though they take cues from   Radiohead, they prove highly capable of following in the legendary band's footsteps--rocking moody progressions backed by a groovtastic rhythm section. While they share much in common with Thom Yorke and company, the band's choice of keyboard tone mimics the Fender Rhodes, which adds a Doorsy influence. This is a band to watch.

The Crowd: Typical Detroit crowd. Young people sipping bottled beer wearing plaid shirts. Pretty girls with  leather boots.

Overheard: "I like turtles," yelled somebody during Starfucker's set.

Personal Bias: Starfucker has been bumping through my earphones at work non-stop for the past three weeks.


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