Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
DickyTickerWales on etsy

Not to make you feel old, but This Is Spinal Tap, turned 30 this month. Spinal Tap is unarguably the most popular rockumentary/mockumentary film of all time. The cult classic proves two things: rockstars are predictable and Rob Reiner is a genius.

Truth in humor is what makes this film so enjoyable (and easy to relate to), just ask real rockstars what they think of the film. Jack Black cites Spinal Tap as the main inspiration for his band Tenacious D, and Billy Corgan calls the movie "prophetic" for all bands.

The movie and its characters were so true to life, that Jamie Lee Curtis pursued Christopher Guest after seeing a photo of him in character as Nigel in Rolling Stone. They couple wed at Rob Reiner's home in December of 1984 and remain married to this day.

To celebrate the majesty of rock and the fantasy of roll, we've collected the best Spinal Tap fan art on etsy:

The most memorable quotation from This Is Spinal Tap, as illustrated on this t-shirt by DickyTickerWales (above). Side note: Did you know Spinal Tap is the only movie on IMDB whose rating goes to 11 stars?

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
Romantech on etsy

We love the trippy style, but Nigel's looking a bit Chewbacca-ish in this print of an original painting by Joshua Roman.

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
RainbowPieClothing on etsy

Tommy Pischedda: Excuse me... are you reading "Yes I Can"? Limo Groupie: Yeah, have you read it? Tommy Pischedda: Yeah, by Sammy Davis, Jr.? Limo Groupie: Yeah. Tommy Pischedda: You know what the title of that book should be? "Yes, I Can If Frank Sinatra Says It's OK".

T-shirt by RainbowPieClothing.  

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
VonTrashJewellery on etsy

Show your love for your favorite fake band with this Spinal Tapnecklace by VonTrashJewellery.

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
ClaudiaVarosio on etsy

Rockstar hair, as illustrated in this movie poster by ClaudiaVarosio.

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
bobobabushka on etsy

For the quirky friend who has everything... This Is Spinal Tap Matryoshka Dolls (AKA: nesting dolls) by bobobabushka on etsy.

Spinal Tap Fan Art, You Really Must Own
StrangeLoveTees on etsy

Whoever 'gets' this graphic tee by StrangeLoveTees is worth talking to.

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