Speak Takes You Thrift Shopping at Fullerton's Sav Mor Discount

Speak Takes You Thrift Shopping at Fullerton's Sav Mor Discount

You might not know who Speak is, but you do know his work. In late October, I wrote a piece for our sister paper, LA Weekly, on the Moreno Valley rapper, who co-wrote Kreayshawn's massive hit, "Gucci Gucci."

The revelation raced around the blogosphere. Shortly after the news broke, Speak released his album, Inside Out Boy, which contains beats from Odd Future's production duo The Super 3, and was entirely mixed and mastered by the collective's DJ/producer, Syd.

So he's got business acumen. But his work isn't the only thing giving people whiplash.

He's got the kind of hipster-hood fashion sensibilities that lead to topping a velour cardigan with a sailor's hat. Still, he hasn't blown up yet, and looking clean on a less-than-baller budget can be tricky. What's a shaggy headed cunt with way too much talent and time on his hands to do?

Go to the Sav Mor Discount in Fullerton, not fancy boutiques (remember: basic bitches wear that shit). "The best places to thrift are at Value Villages and Goodwills where there is a high population of wealthy white folks. They tend to donate a lot of really cool usually expensive items. Their trash is our treasure!" he says.

He took Knocksteady with him to document how you shop smarter, not harder. Take notes.

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