[Sound Guy] The Yost and the Fox Pomona Are All Dressed Up But Without a Lot of Shows

All Dressed Up . . .

We’ve written in the past about the lack of shows being booked at the Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana, and now it looks like another ornately remodeled, recently reopened venue has a similarly slim schedule—the Fox Pomona Theater.

The Fox began its comeback this past May with a show from gypsy punks Gogol Bordello (it’s obligatory to include the term “gypsy punk” when describing that band, y’know), and since then, it has boasted a score of marquee-worthy acts: Wilco, the Flaming Lips, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Band of Horses, Paramore, Girl Talk, Ween, Cake, Marilyn Manson.

At press time, though, the only concert currently on their calendar is Sonic Youth on Jan. 8, a show that was originally scheduled for Sept. 25 and pushed back due to guitarist Lee Ranaldo’s tennis injury. So for more than three months, the Fox will have nothing other than the semi-regular Club Matinee all-ages dance nights (sardonically nicknamed “Club Jailbait” by me-like people)—on Wednesday, Nov. 25 and Saturday, Dec. 26.

Morrissey is rumored to be playing the Fox on Dec. 7, though the show has not yet been officially announced (just widely reported by reliable fansites). That’s obviously a huge show (Moz in Southern California, always a no-brainer), but it’s more two months away. The Fox was to host a Halloween show with the Nekromantix and the HorrorPops, but that got scrapped after the Nekromantix nabbed an opening slot on Rob Zombie’s tour.

It’s not really fair to be too critical of either the Yost or the Fox—the former is being very selective about programming while they’re still renovating, and the latter front-loaded with such an impressive lineup that it’s understandable if they’re going through a bit of a refractory period. Still, we’re greedy for more great shows. Hopefully, there’s a slew of shows waiting in the wings to be announced. Ah, Morrissey: always a beacon of hope.

*     *     *

It’s been more than three years since Hellogoodbye’s full-length debut, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! So actual new material from the Huntington Beach-formed (though currently Long Beach-based) band is a welcome sight—even if you’re skeptical at first, like when you get a birthday card from a distant relative after being out of touch for years.

Luckily, Hellogoodbye aren’t asking for a kidney—they’re the ones doing the giving, with a free digital “mini EP,” When We First Met, released on their website (hellogoodbye.net) on Sept. 29. It’s two new songs—the title track and “Not Ever Coming Home”—along with a “When We First Met” video. Also, they’re on tour with Hanson right now. (Yes, “MMMBop” Hanson. They’re much manlier now. Well, relatively speaking.)

*     *     *

Fullerton’s Dusty Rhodes and the River Band want your money. But it’s for a good cause: They’re making a film based on their music, and the rather ambitious project (they’ve described it as “a colorful and visual performance and story based on the characters in our band and environment”) is out of their budget. They’re looking to raise $5,000 and have set up a page on chipin.com where fans can help out.

The band has also bounced back from bassist Brad Babinski’s health problems and are playing several local shows, including Oct. 8 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, opening up for Boston’s State Radio.



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