[Sound Guy] Irvine's Entice Have 10,000 Reasons to Be Happy

Ten Thousand Reasons to Be Happy

Let’s be honest: Most local bands would be considered lucky if they made $10,000, cumulatively, over a period of several years. To make that in one day? Sounds like some sort of bizarre work of far-out fantasy fiction.

But it’s reality for Irvine-based rockers Entice, who won FM 98.7’s “So You Wanna Be a Rockstar” competition Sept. 25 in Universal City, winning over judges in a five-band field that also included hip-poppers Non-P, also from Irvine. The grand prize includes $10,000 cash to be split among the four members of the group, $5,000 from the “Best Buy Musical Instrument Store,” a spot at an upcoming 98.7-sponsored concert, a session with photog Sterling Andrews and a “full day” (10 hours, the station says) at West Hollywood’s NightBird Recording Studios—certainly better than most radio-station contests, which at best will get you into an advance screening of the latest Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy.

OC/LB bands fared well throughout the competition, which initially included 120 bands from throughout Southern California: Along with Entice and Non-P, Yorba Linda’s 1 Away and Long Beach hip-hop crew Audible Mainframe also made the top 15.

Entice are playing Thursday, Oct. 1 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, and they just released their first full-length, Let the Fire Come, on Sept. 22. Whether or not they’ll be too busy driving their rocket cars around their solid-gold house to make the show is uncertain at press time. Check them out online at www.myspace.com/enticetheband.

*     *     *

Huntington Beach secondhand-clothing shop Denim Blue: The Vintage Victim closed down Sept. 27, but not before a dozen or so of the county’s most talented local musicians—including Jonny Bell (Crystal Antlers), Parker Macy (Parker Macy Blues), Ryan Daly (Parade of Lights), John Hanson (Melanoid) and others—had a chance to say goodbye properly at an in-store event on Sept. 26.

The store, owned by Costa Mesa singer/songwriter Billy Kernkamp, had been hosting monthly art and music events since December 2008. At this final get-together, each act sang two “unexpected covers,” which included Daly doing “Dancing In the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen, Kernkamp himself playing Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One,” and Josh Hanson of Yellow Red Sparks delivering a folksy, acoustic version of “Panic” by the Smiths.

Throughout it all, Kernkamp kept a positive attitude about the shop’s closing. “Part of me just wants to be sucking my thumb in a puddle of urine in the backroom,” he says. “I just think of my old man and other guys who have worked their asses off. People losing their home; people losing everything they’ve invested in. I’m thinking, ‘Dude, this is not that big of a deal in the whole scheme of things.’”

*     *     *

Automático, a series of monthly Latin pop nights in downtown LA, debuted at Xalos Bar on Sept. 23, and Heard Mentality blogger Joy Hepp was there—though it wasn’t necessarily an inspiring start.

“The actual number of attendees was around 100, many of whom were Automático LA loyalists,” she reports from the night headlined by Mexico City indie-rock group Hello Seahorse.

Automático founding DJ Ané had this to offer: “This isn’t what we expected. I think I was too confident coming in to Anaheim. But I’m not throwing in the towel yet.”



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