Soul Food, Baby!


How can you encapsulate new music from the sweetest, funkiest, tastiest, nastiest, knarliest, most organic, most un-corrupted-by-techno dance band in OC/LB, if not all the ding-dong land? You resort to blatant food metaphors! So "Hot Sake" sounds like James Brown cooking up a heap of flaming popcorn in a barbecue-sauce-colored kitchen. "Arroz Con Gandules" sounds like walking into a secret hovel in Havana, where the scent of perfectly grilled jerk pork and plantains wafts through the air. "Pullin' Teeth" sounds like swiggin' back homemade hooch on the front porch during a steamy August afternoon. "New Afro" and "Brothers & Sisters" sound like an afternoon soul party at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, as newly discovered outtakes from the Shaft in Africa soundtrack creep up in your head. "Operation Getdown" sounds like music to watch The Black Rockford Filesto while macking out on a meal of butter-drenched cornbread loaves and extra-strength sangria. And on it goes, which is partially why we tragically missed the double-oh's CD-release party last weekend—it would've made us too damn hungry, a state we couldn't have allowed ourselves to be in, especially after sweating off all the calories from the nonstop shimmyfest it undoubtedly was. Next show, we'll stuff ourselves before we go.



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