Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
Matt Oliver OC Weekly

Snoop Dogg (Lion) - Fox Theater Pomona - December 12, 2012

Snoop Dogg

Fox Theater Pomona

December 12, 2012

You can call him the man, the myth, but do not call him the artist formally known as Snoop Dogg just yet. The eastside Long Beach ambassador of crip hop stayed true to himself, and kept it OG as the crowd C walked at the Fox Theater in Pomona.

It may be a sign of what is to come as the end is near, but Snoop Dogg kept it gangsta on 12-12-12. Though he may have found himself reincarnated as the Bob Marley of hip hop and had a stage wide sign posing, Snoop Lion, he did not strangle our ears with unfavorable reggae riddims.

Snoop Dogg (Lion) - Fox Theater Pomona - December 12, 2012

Entering in an all Al Green-style Adidas warm ups, paired with a Rastafari beanie, the Doggfather wanted to make sure Pomona knew his name, as he opened his set with "What's My Name." Not straying away from cultural iconic Doggystyle, the G-funk era, seemed as it was in it's prime once again, as the crowd chanted, "Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg," in unison.

Though the crowd was thoroughly into Snoop's set, it was pretty stale. Hey, I love the guy and like to get down to some juicy bass lines, but something smelled a little funky in the air this night, and we're not just talking about the kush. Everything was a little too predictable. 

It's always fun to reminisce on G-funk era music, but here is our list of nine things we could've guessed would be part of the show without even showing up:

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
Matt Oliver OC Weekly

9. Hot Boxing

It's a Wednesday night in Pomona, and I'm walked to a Snoop Dogg show. Should I be surprised from walking past hot box after hot box? Of course not, because people are doing like Diplo and expressing themselves.

8. College Crowd

As much as we thought the Fox theater crowd was super cool, while growing up and attending the Glass House every weekend, this is not the case anymore. It seems like every crowd for a hip-hop show is the same looking crowd. You know fitted hat, bright color prints, out of placed girls in dresses and heels and the kids that don't know any of Snoop's songs.

7. Weed Breaks.

Every so often, Snoop will take a song break, sit on the stage and let Tha Dogg Pound take over. Every pimp needs a weed break every now and then.

6. That Guy

There is always that one Voto, "Crip" banger and the quintessential white guy going H.A.M. all alone, and causing a ruckus due to excessive alcohol. We pay homage to them, as a concert just would not be the same without them.

5. Trio of sloppy drunk chicks

It wouldn't be a hip-hop show, unless there were pockets of girls, who had a little bit too much to drink. Alls being a classic scene, girls were hunched over dancing, falling over and eventually cat fighting. Fortunately for us, there weren't too many fights and and a lot more booty shaking, as Snoop's message of peace reigned for most of the night.

3. Kurupt

What is a West Coast concert without Kurupt? Ever since the Death Row era, kurupt placed his left a mark with his sticky green fingers and is always a crowd pleaser. It truely ain't no fun if Kurupt can't have none.

3. Same string of songs

"Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)," "Next Episode" and "Gin and Juice," are all no-brainer classics. But "California Girls"? Even after reincarnation Snoop still felt like playing this pop song, and dedicated his Katy Perry collaboration to all the California girls in the house. Though playing all the crowd favorite, his set sounded like a high school reunion dance with Drop It Like It's Hot," I Want To Fuck You" and "Sexual Eruption" to name a few.

2. Tributes to 2 Pac & Nate Dogg

Unfortunately we were not greeted by another 2 Pac hologram, but it ain't nothing but a gangsta party when celebrating the lives of two fallen Death Row mates, Nate Dogg and 2 Pac. 

1. Weed!

When the lights turned green, everyone light up a fat Al Green stick and perfumed the air with that sticky icky. At any Snoop show everyone needs to relieve some stress, and engage in some puff-puff pass when the security guards are not looking. And just incase you ran out of papers, Snoop's Dogg Pound rushed to the stage, and threw out signature Snoop Dogg king size papers.

What We Thought We'd See --Snoop Lion!

After all the hype and massive freak outs nation-wide, about Snoop changing is surname to Lion, Dogs still ruled the stage. This leads us to believe that Snoop Lion was just a publicity stunt, we did not hear "La La La," and ended up just being another funny thing to look at like Charles Barkley playing golf.

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