Snoop Dogg Deejays In Anaheim

Snoop Dogg Deejays In Anaheim

​​Snoop Dogg, one of the most celebrated hip-hop MCs of all time, manned the decks (well, really, Mac) at 300 Bowling Lane in Anaheim on Friday night. He was joined by Wiz Khalifa, the hot young MC from Pittsburgh, and they "lit up" the stage. Snoopaloop laid down the programmed beats, while Wiz rapped over them with the lyrics from his new single, "Black and Yellow." Our sister paper LA Weekly covered the event, and you can see footage of the experience after the jump.

Snoop Dogg Deejays In Anaheim
​Snoop and Wiz are avowed weed fans, and they blazed it up onstage with a vengeance. The exclusive crowd (exclusive for a bowling alley, anyway) ate it up, grooving along with drinks and hands in the air. Snoop did an admirable job deejaying, although playing your own song off a computer and letting someone else rap over it isn't the most intricate skill in the musical world. Still, it's good to see Snoop upright and performing relevant material that bridges the gap between two generations of urban music.

Snoop Dogg Deejays In Anaheim

The Urban Nomad from LA Weekly joins in on the fun with his video:

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