Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo
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SLV Returns to SanTana with This Kind of Music

Sandra Lilia Velásquez and Sean Dixon joined forces with the mission of unearthing new sounds. The creative tandem known as SLV (Velásquez's initials) debuted with Dig Deeper, an EP produced by bass virtuoso Meshell Ndegeocello, that grooved along relaxed and pensive vibes. Velásquez, former vocalist of raucous Latin Alternative band Pistolera, continues to evoke the sultriness of Sade on This Kind, the duo's full-length follow up.

SLV brings their new tunes to town when they pass through SanTana from their New York base later tonight. They'll be performing at Beatnik Bandito, a most intimate of spaces to embrace the duo's sounds.

What exactly SLV's sound is like defies description, especially from the duo creating it. "People always ask about SLV, 'What kind of music is it?' We say, 'It's THIS KIND," says Velásquez of the album title in a press release. "Most artists have trouble labeling their music. But more than any other band I've been in, I have trouble explaining what kind of music ours is."

What is graspable is that the album's ten tracks intertwines soul, reggae, indie rock and experimental sound in an intoxicating fashion. Songs like "Fire Eye," bring the retro rhythms of Sade's "No Ordinary Love" to mind with an updated feel. "Limits" expands musical horizons by mixing funky bass lines with soaring stringed instruments and distorted rock riffs. The sonic brew makes This Kind a special kind of listen the whole way through.

So what 'kind' of music does SLV play? The Weekly still isn't quite sure. But what is for certain is that the duo's not to be missed!

SLV performs at Beatnik Bandito, 417 N Broadway St., Santa Ana, Tonight, 7 p.m. 21+. Free.

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