Slideshow: The Jakes at eVocal

Slideshow: The Jakes at eVocal

Newport Beach's The Jakes keep racking up local acclaim, and their latest venture is a month-long, KROQ-sponsored, Tuesday night residency at eVocal in Costa Mesa, where they're playing as well as hosting a variety of fellow bands from the southland. Things kicked off in earnest last night, with support from Saint Motel, Melanoid and Django James.

I was there for a bit: the Jakes sounded as good as I've ever heard them (and I just saw them four days earlier at Heritage Park in Irvine). The entire venue got a bit of a makeover, as there was a DJ outside between sets, live art and food and drinks (not those kinds of drinks, silly, it's still an all ages venue) being served. Pretty neat. Next Tuesday, the Jakes will be joined by Dolphin City, Run Doris Run and the Outline.

Keith May was there too, and he has something much more impressive to share: pictures. They're here!

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