Six Awesome Video Game-Themed Balloon Sculptures

Gamers know that the week before the Electronics Entertainment Expo is the slowest week in video gaming news. All of the major game publishers want to save all of their "big guns" for the world's biggest gaming convention. Because E3 will be held from June 7-9 this year, we are currently in the "calm before the storm" a week before the expo. So does that mean that there is nothing interesting going on in the world of video gaming? Absolutely not.

Recently released are images of five-foot tall sculptures of Master Chief and Mario made completely out of balloons. That's right, these are balloon-made replicas video gaming's two most recognized icons made entirely out of rubber, air, and a whole lot of gaming love. The art of balloon sculpting don't just stop at just Mario and Master Chief. There have been numerous sightings of these from all sorts of gaming franchises. The following is a collection of six of the most mind blowing video game-themed balloon sculptures.

Master Chief (from the Halo series)

Courtesy of The Balloon Guy, this amazing sculpture of Master Chief shows how much work went into the detail of this piece of art. Almost as tall as the Balloon Guy himself, Master Chief (and his weapon) looks as if it is composed of hundreds of balloons that together form the image of one of video gaming's most recognized modern icons. With that much dedication to the sculpture, we're willing to bet that this Balloon Guy must be a Halo fan.

Pikachu (from the Pokémon series)

Everyone's favorite yellow rodent from the Pokémon series also gets an attempt to be made into a balloon sculpture. Although not nearly as detailed or attractive as, say, the Master Chief one shown above, there is a charm to the simplicity of this design. The artist of this image even took the time to add a grassy green field and a pokéball next to the sculpture.

Yoshi (from the Super Mario Bros series)

Mario's other green sidekick was spotted in Downtown Toronto thanks to Kris Abel of CTV News. During Nintendo of Canada's promotion of Super Mario Galaxy 2, tents were lined up with kiosks of the game, and balloon animals resembling the green dinosaur were handed out to Mario fans in attendance.

Mario (from the Super Mario Bros. series)

How can we talk about video gaming icons and not mention the most familiar face in gaming, Mario? Once again, the Balloon Guy blows us away with his very detailed (albeit slightly creepy) sculpture of Super Mario. Everything appears to be balloon-made here- from the buttons of his overalls to the signature "M" on his hat.

Sonic the Hedgehog (from the Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Although Sonic has fallen off of the radar lately in terms of his iconic status, there is no doubt that the Sonic the Hedgehog series has been, at one point, precious to many long time gamers. Spotted in AOU 2010 in Japan, this Sonic the Hedgehog balloon animal was crafted by one of the balloon artists traveling around on the show floor. All of Sonic's signature cheesiness is there too, including his huge red sneakers to that finger that he's always waving around.

Link (from the Legend of Zelda series)

Only the biggest Zelda nerds will know what's wrong with this sculpture of Link from the Legend of Zelda series. That's right, Link's left leftie, and this image shows Link as right handed. But regardless of the small oversight, this is another amazing, detailed sculpture of the Hyrulian elf-boy made by the Puppet Pirate, a very talented balloon artist. Even the triforce and crest of his shield look good-considering that they're made of air and rubber.


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