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Singularity Teams With Nilu For 'Horizon' EP, Title Track Goes Viral!

Both DJ/producer Singularity and singer Nilu are pretty much blowing up these days, so what happens when you put both of them into the musical mix? The answer is revealed upon first listen to "Horizon," their collaborative effort released earlier this month. The song is the title track and lead single from Singularity's forthcoming EP. "Horizon" blends his knack for creating compelling electronic soundscapes with Nilu's sultry, Feist-like vocals.

Singularity originally found out about the Irvine-based songstress the same way many initially did. "My friend posted a video of Nilu singing," he says of "Sing For You," her viral YouTube hit. "Since then I'd always wanted to have her on a track," the Fountain Valley native adds. "When I saw that she lived so close to me, I sent her an email and eventually we made it happen." From the number of downloads and plays, music lovers are happy that they did!

"The response on the track has been crazy!" Singularity tells the Weekly. "It's already my most played song after two weeks and I get messages about it every day. It seems like it resonates with a lot of people, and that's all I can ask for really." Offering it up as a free download on Soundcloud certainly doesn't hurt in terms of spreading the word. A fan uploaded the song on YouTube where it has already amassed over 100,000 views.

All the attention is not without good reason. The production quality in "Horizon" is excellent in creating ethereal vibes with a biting bass that hammers the track home. "Initially I was uncomfortable with the idea, but by the end of it, the experience was eye-opening," Nilu says of the collaboration. It was a venture outside the art rocker's comfort zone and not just in terms of genre. "It was one of the hardest songs I've done vocally. I'm not used to hitting notes that high," she adds.

For those clamoring for more, Singularity's new EP should be out around mid-May by the producer's own timetable. "Along with "Horizon," there will be three other originals and three remixes by my friends Minnesota, The Fat Rat, and DCarls," he adds. "I can honestly say I've never been this excited about a release."

In the meantime, enjoy the collaborative title track for free. If you're like us, you'll be hitting that replay button over and over again!

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