Showgazing: Shotgun Showdown, BLOK at Detroit Bar

Showgazing: Shotgun Showdown, BLOK at Detroit Bar


Turns out, remembering the lyrics to a song you're covering isn't all that important. Not when you're having as much fun as Long Beach's Shotgun Showdown were last night at Detroit Bar, or when the words you're forgetting are "father, do you want to bang heads with me?"

The four-piece, all-female band closed a stellar night of young local talent at the westside Costa Mesa venue; ending their set with a cover of Danzig's "Mother." And yeah, they stumbled over the second verse a bit, but that didn't seem to slow them down very much, as the video below evidences.

Shotgun Showdown haven't been around too long, and have had that name for an even shorter amount of time (they used to be called "White Carriage"). Talking to them outside after, I said I had checked out their stuff on MySpace before, and they seemed surprised, asking me how I came across their music in the first place. It was a genuine stumper, I don't remember at all. But I'm glad I did!

They also did a song that was purportedly inspired by The Munsters.

Shotgun Showdown were preceded by BLOK, who we've written lovingly about before, specifically saying of their opening date at the Colourist's EP release show at the Yost this summer: "so weird and awesome that the crowd had no choice but to love the set." The same held true last night, with Gianna Gianna wearing a Zatanna-esque outfit with a Totoro backpack on (yes, for the entire set).

It would be easy, and somewhat understandable, to write BLOK off as novelty act due to their goofy antics (are those Zubaz that frontman Damien is wearing?), but they've got legitimate skills, and a willingness to unabashedly connect with a crowd. Often that means getting into the audience and right in your face. It happens. They're playing at the Lucky Owl in Santa Ana on Friday.

Costa Mesa's I Hate You Just Kidding played before BLOK, and the peaceful two-piece provided no preparation for what was to come. But they equipped themselves as well as they could given the sparse crowd at that point, and the fact that, I'm told, they usually play with a full band. Still, they covered Brian Jonestown Massacre, and closed with a partially improvised number that referred to specific people in the bar and included a line from "Bone Machine" by the Pixies," so that's worth at least an E for effort.


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