Show of the Day [Saturday]: Less Than Jake, Glass House, Pomona

For nearly two decades Less Than Jake has been delivering first-rate ska-punk and hosting stage-dive intensive concert parties. (Although the stage-diving has been scaled back in recent years.) The Gainesville-based band regularly played Tampa Bay venues during my recent years as a music critic there. During that time, I caught many a Less Than Jake show including the one where clip above was recorded at State Theatre in St. Petersburg. I had a blast at each gig, as did the audience members--even the ones, who, like I, weren't there to try and leap off the stage.

Less Than Jake w/Fishbone/Cage/The Swellers, 6 p.m., Sat., Glass House, Pomona, $22/$25.

Country great Ray Price also performs Saturday at Galaxy Theater. We wrote about the show here.


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