Shazam Predicts 2012's 10 Most Popular Summer Jams

Nicky Minaj
Nicky Minaj
GL Wood

By: Katrina Nattress

Summer is just around the corner (June 20, to be exact), and with that comes summer mixtapes. There's nothing better than the sunshiny bliss that comes from driving with your windows rolled down, wind whipping through your hair, and upbeat, buoyant music blasting through your stereo. So what will be on your 2012 Summer Jams mix? According to Shazam, the world's leading media discovery company, there are 10 tracks that will more than likely be the most popular songs of the summer. 

You may ask: how is the UK-based company coming up with these predictions? Well, it's quite simple, really. The list includes songs that are currently at the top of the chart and are expected to remain at the top over the summer months, as well as newly released hit singles and some global surprises that are expected to break into the UK and U.S. markets. Among other factors, the list is ranked based on the number of tags--the amount of times people use the mobile app to find the name or artist of a song they hear--that the song is currently receiving. Check out Shazam's predictions below and tell us what's on your

summer mix this year!

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10. Alabama Shakes- "Hold On"

This soulful tune has been one of the most-tagged indie/alt tracks in the UK this year and

is starting to pick up in the U.S. market as well. Not to mention, the Atlanta-based quintet led by Brittany Howard is making its rounds through the summer festival circuit, with stops at Sasquatch and Bonnaroo under its belt and Lollapalooza and Outside Lands performances in August.  

9. Nicki Minaj - "Pound The Alarm"

It's been a good year for Nicki Minaj. Both her singles "Super Bass," and "Starships," have been monstrous successes and she has been one of Shazam's most popular artists in the last year, with more than five million tags. "Pound The Alarm," is the next single off her latest album, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded, and in true Minaj form is an upbeat, high-gloss club anthem.


8. DJ Fresh featuring Dizzee Rascal - "The Power"

DJ Fresh currently holds the title for the longest time spent at the top of Shazam's

New Release Chart in UK with his single, "Louder." That single spent eight weeks at number one in 2011, and maybe "The Power," will be his 2012 hit? From the sounds of the bouncing production and Dizzee Rascal's rhymes, it's likely.

7. Rudamental featuring John Newman - "Feel The Love"

This soulful R&B/EDM hybrid track has held the top spot in Shazam's New Release Chart in

UK for several weeks now, and it looks like the company doesn't see it dropping. With a saxophone solo like that, we don't see it budging either.

6. Gusttavo Lima -"Balada Boa"

Gusttavo Lima is a young, cute Brazilian pop artist. As you can see from the live video,

people go nuts for this guy, his pelvic thrusting and this song. He is currently a hit in
21 countries; maybe UK and U.S. are next?

5. Rick Ross featuring Usher - "Touch 'N You"

Rick Ross is a boss and Usher makes ladies wanna drop their panties, so of course a song called "Touch 'N You," is going to be popular, especially with its dirty chorus that basically just involves Usher saying"Fuckin' you," over and over again. But sex appeal aside, Ricky Rozay's new jam, "Stay Schemin'," has been the most-tagged track from a hip-hop mixtape this year. So there's that too.

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