Sage One
Sage One

Sage One Reminisces About 'Rollin' Stoned'

[Editor's Note: This new Weekly music feature highlights outtakes and personal stories from bands who just finished working their asses off to put out new music.]

The weather is starting to warm up and people cruising around town need something to bump with their windows down. Costa Mesa-based rapper Sage One (born Ethan Jimenez) has come through with his seasonal release of The Summertime EP. The collection of a half-dozen songs flows steadily upon mellow beats and herbal hazes. Choruses are crafty like on "Rollin Stoned" and Sage One's skillful wordplay is displayed on "Verbal Dianetics." The wise wordsmith, who we profiled in Locals Only earlier this year, is taking his new set of songs to headlining stages during the rapper's "Free the Mind" local tour where his irrepressible energy is allowed to roam free. Catch him on stage at the Observatory this Friday opening for School Boy Q.

Sage One tells us more about The Summertime EP after the music video jump that makes most of us Weeklings feel really, really old!

On the most memorable moment in the lab: The most memorable moment for me was writing and recording "Rollin' Stoned." There was just this beautiful vibe to the song every time we played it back. When we shot the video locally, I had all of my closest friends with me in the forest and just having them there seeing that they support what I do meant a lot. This track set a lot of things in motion and I would like to thank Ice Chamber Records and FMF Productions for making it what it is.

On the 'Free the Mind' Tour: The 'Free The Mind' tour just jumped off in Anaheim march 15th so it's still in the progress. The first show was almost sold out and was a huge success! The crowd was a beautiful set of people who love nothing but good hip hop and knowledge. It was all love. We have our next stop in Fullerton at the Tropics Lounge on May 30 2013 special guest performances to be announced.

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