Sade Added to Coachella Line-Up?

Sade Added to Coachella Line-Up?

Well, the latest Coachella rumor--and what would Coachella be without rumors?--seems to be that Sade has been added to the line-up.

Though there's no official confirmation as of yet by Coachella or Sade, it seems pretty realistic, with Sade's first full-length album released (Soldier of Love) in 10 years coming out just earlier this month.

Sade would be seen as effectively "replacing" the always theatrical Grace Jones, who dropped out of the line-up on Feb. 8, as reported by the OC Register.

Now, all this just begs the question: As much as we love her, how is Sade and her smooooth R&B (which we like calling baby makin' music) going to fair in a desert reaching triple-digit temps, with moist hipsters crawling about? Is this another attempt by Coachella to bring in a whole new sect of fans who won't be willing to pay for three-day passes?

After the jump: The video to Sade's latest single, "Soldier of Love." 


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