Ryan Gosling DJing at Detroit Bar Tonight

Ryan Gosling DJing at Detroit Bar Tonight
You've seen him in The Notebook and heard him mentioned in the lyrics of "Lazy Sunday," and tonight, at the previously mentioned Detroit Bar show with Ima Robot, you'll be able to experience Ryan Gosling DJing--along with his band, Dead Man's Bones.

The occasion? Dead Man's Bones and Ima Robot have started a label called Werewolf Heart Records, and tonight at Detroit is the launch party. Remember: the show is free, so this may be your best chance in a while to sniff the air of a bona fide movie star. (Not in a creepy way, please. If it's possible to do that in a non-creepy way.) Gosling seems pretty cool, too, following up The Notebook with indie films like Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl, when he surely could have just coasted on his reputation and starred as a handsome guy in a bunch of cheesy romance films. Way to be, RG.

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