Rx Unlock the Vault

The crowd merely tolerated the preceding bands. Sure, the scant opener-faithful were present but the overarching feeling, the predominant urge was in favor of the headliner. “RXB! RXB!” the crowd began to chant the moment the last note of the undercard rang out, and they settled down to endure the short break before Rx Bandits would finally come to the stage of the Vault 350 in Long Beach Wednesday night.

It was a frantic rush to the front of the room as the favorite band of many in the house strolled on stage, led by Matt Embree, bare foot and bearded. Choi, Tsagakis, Troy, and Sheets filled out rest to the near-tearful cries of the audience.

Rx blasted through a smattering of songs from their last three albums, and most of the fans sang right along with Embree, so much so that he was often able to just step back from the mic, and let the crowd take over on singing duties.

Rx Bandits shows never disappoint, and you can always count on the guys to get things right, or if need be, set things straight. Embree mildly chastised a group of young men in the pit after they grew a bit too aggressive, they acquiesced, and good times were had, even by those who didn’t want a boot to the face while doing it.

The Vault is an impressive venue that is sadly, often booked with the bland. An extraordinarily large floor is in front of a long bar, and the second story balconies are lined with table and booths, complimented by the lounge upstairs. If a good band’s a’comin’, it’s worth a’goin’.

The call for an encore was powerful (isn’t it always?), but the crowd seemed surprised that there wasn’t a second. The house wasn’t. They threw up the lights. The night was over. The fans were satiated, indicated by the smiling faces, giddy and laughing up and down Pine Street. Catch them again on August 19 and 20 at the Troubadour in Hollywood.

Pictures of the Vault 350 show here.


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