The Stones Take Over The World
The Stones Take Over The World

Rolling Stones, The Doors and Cold Play Docs Hit Anaheim's UltraLuxe Cinemas in November

Music lovers may not agree on much, but they will nod their in accordance regarding the merits of classic concert films, right? If you weren't able to see a band in its heyday or even a modern day outfit, this is the best way to take in the experience without plunking down an obscene amount of money. Fans of concert films can mosey down to Ultrastar's UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas to take in three such movies at the beginning of next month.

Screenings will include The Rolling Stones: Charlie is My Darling (Ireland 1965), The Doors Live at the Bowl '68 and Coldplay Live 2012. While these movies aren't exactly the edgiest or most interesting concert films, they're still pretty good (read: family friendly and sterile for mass audiences).

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If we were going to include films that really highlighted the plight of rockers, then the darker films like Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster, The Rolling Stones' more controversial Gimme Shelter and Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back would have been better choices and perhaps more educational into what goes into being a rock star. Yes, they may have been a bid edgier, but even so, isn't that what rock music stands for? But these are fine choices for casual fans since they focus on the performances rather than the behind the scenes footage.

Regardless of your preferences of music documentaries, these are still pretty cool and will make you feel like you are at the venue without having to worry about parking (since after all, admission will be less than a soda at the venue) nor that souvenir t-shirt that your significant other may clamor for. Who would have thought Jim Morrison would have gone from public enemy No. 1 for his indecency (at the time) to having his live show aired and promoted with the likes of Coldplay? My, how the times have changed.

The Rolling Stones: Charlie is My Darling will be shown on November 5-6 at 7:30 p.m, The Doors Live at the Bowl '68 November 7-8 at 8:30 and lastly, Coldplay on November 13 at 7:30.

Tickets are $12.50 and can be purchased here and at 321 W Katella Ave in Anaheim

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