Rocket from the Crypt immortalizes Orange County

Yesterday I was driving this windy road in Idaho. It was 25 degrees out, snowing, cold as cold can be. Basically, the exact opposite of Orange County. I was rocking the shuffle function on my iPod when Rocket from the Crypt's tune "Orange County" came on. Suddenly, I was taken back to home, where the weather is great and there's a whole helluva lot more buildings than there are in Idaho. 

The song rules and it's got a few really good lines, which I now share with you.

"...we can kill this vacant lot together..."

"we can clear a path if we put our money together"

"how many lightbulbs does it take to screw you?"

The song is available on All Systems Go 3 and all sorts of other online places. The rest of the disc is pretty great too, but I'll get around to that at a later date. 


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