Rob Eller

Photo by Jeanne Rice>Heisler Park Gazebo. One of the best views in OC, and a place that gives me great inspiration. Stop by the next time you're in Laguna Beach around sunset and enjoy the music of any of several local musicians who wander around strumming guitars.

>Cat Stevens. I only wish I could have seen him perform. The man could hold an entire stadium with one microphone and one guitar.

>Elvis Costello. I've always been amazed by the expression and character of his voice. I recently came across a great album he appears on with Burt Bacharach, One Amazing Night. Check out the track Costello sings called "God Give Me Strength."

>Sid's in Newport Beach. Gone forever? How can I not describe the dirtiest, stinkiest, most overcrowded hole-in-the-wall I ever played? This room was great, a place to go where you didn't have to behave. The music was sometimes good, sometimes bad—depending on the number of shots the entertainer was forced to drink. Against his or her will, I might add.

>Singer/songwriters. Guys like Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, Dylan, James Taylor. I never liked too much technology molding the music. I think a band should be able to sound just as good on a street corner as they would on a stage.

>Jasso & Garcia. They do an awesome acoustic set. Kenny Garcia plays some of the best flamenco guitar around, and Anthony Jasso's vocals will amaze you. This is live music definitely worth hearing.


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