R.I.P. Würzel; Top 5 Motörhead Songs with his Guitar Work

Michael "Wurzel" Burston, a guitarist for Motörhead from 1985-1995, died on July 9 from ventricular fibrillation caused by heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy), at the age of 61.

He played with Motorhead for nine albums. On Sunday, the band dedicated its Sonisphere Festival set "and our lives" to Wurzel. He reportedly got his nickname from Worzel Gummidge, a character in a British children's TV series; Lemmy added the umlaut above the U in his name to keep to the metal theme. The guitarist -- whose personal business card declared him "Wurzel the bastard, so fuck off" -- left Motorhead in 1995. He had been recording a debut album with a new band, Leader of Down, prior to his death.

After the jump, five of the best songs he co-wrote with Motörhead.

1. "Ace Of Spades"

2. "Rock N Roll"


4. "Killed by Death"
5. "Orgasmatron"


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