RIP: Veteran Rock Journalist Jane Scott Dies

RIP: Veteran Rock Journalist Jane Scott Dies

Sometimes it takes the earth shattering occurrence of death to put a little perspective on things.  It happened today with the death of venerable rock journalist, Jane Scott, who was 92. Through in her later years, she looked much like the quintessential granny with her large frame glasses and scarf draped neck, the intrepid writer for the Clevland's Plain Dealer newspaper reminds us that the omni-cool status of rock & roll is a fleeting shadow for those who briefly bask in its limelight--and though the players may change, the game stays the same.
Perhaps the world's oldest rock critic, originally a society writer, Scott had been covering bands since 1950. With a soft spoken but sunny disposition, Scott recorded encounters with  The Beatles, U2, Bruce Springsteen, as well as Deep Purple and the Thrill Kill Cult.

And though the requisite jokes about rapping grannies can  be made, at the height of her career, Scott had in droves what many journalists so sorely need--wisdom. In a 1990 interview, she spoke about the power of rock & roll to unify young people the world over in a way no other entertainment medium had done in the past.  In making statements like this, she had the benefit of  ample experience  including bearing firsthand witness to her generation's response to pre-rock icon Frank Sinatra. Click here to see a 1990 interview where Scott talks about Pearl Jam's impending explosion in popularity in addition to Celine Dion.

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