R.I.P. J-1, Drummer in Dam-Funk's Master Blazter

J-1 -- aka Jovan Coleman, drummer in Dam-Funk's Master Blazter -- has passed away after being involved in an accident in Sweden over the weekend. The specific cause of death is unknown at this time.

Dam released the following statement on his Facebook page earlier this evening:

"At this time we send our most deepest condolences 2 the family & friends of J-1/Jovan Coleman, who passed in Sweden. Details on his passing are not available at this time. Just know that our brother will be missed deeply. *R.I.P. 2 our brother J-1 (Jovan Coleman) aka THE DEER & drummer of Master Blazter. *We love U sincerely brother & we will always rep U!!"

Twitter is already flooded with messages from grieving friends and fans alike, recalling years of fond memories with the much loved drummer-producer. "If it wasn't for J-1.... there would have been no Master Blazter. *It would have been... somethin' else. *He will always be repped 2 the fullest," Dam wrote.

Since moving to L.A. four years ago, J-1 joined Shafiq Husayn's En'AFreeKa Ensemble and Animal Kingdom, released several beat tapes and podcasts through Heavyweight Production House (HVW8), and linked up with Dam-Funk and Computer Jay to form heavy boogie-funk trio Master Blazter. His presence shaped and forever changed the L.A. musical landscape.

From teaching himself how to play the drums in his hometown of Cleveland to creating beautiful music with some of the leading musicians in his adopted city of Los Angeles, J-1 proved himself to be one of the most passionate and dedicated artists this city has seen in recent years, and he will be sorely missed.

Dam-Funk's Monday night Funkmosphere party will carry on tonight as planned, with House Shoes and other special guests joining in to pay tribute to J-1. Anyone who knew him or enjoyed his music is invited to come tonight to pay respects: Funkmosphere (at Carbon Bar) 9300 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA.


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