Riley Breckenridge From Thrice Misses You, Too

Riley Breckenridge From Thrice Misses You, Too

We know, we know. You're reading Heard Mentality only because you're hoping for a return of Riley's 3hree Things. Riley went on hiatus last January due to family affairs. In an interview with Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum for a story in print this week on MusInk (Thrice headlines day 2 of the festival), he reveals in detail the reasons for his hiatus.

OC Weekly (Alexis Hodoyan-Gastelum): And when can we expect the "(arguable) wit, snark and occasional positivity" to return in 3hree Things form?
Riley Breckenridge: Hopefully soon. I just needed some time after my dad passed away
to kinda clear my head and I don't know --I just didn't feel I could be funny anymore, and I
wasn't really laughing much.

AP vs. OC Weekly--which one did you like writing for better?
I really loved writing for OC Weekly. I was limited to writing about three things, but those three things could be whatever I wanted, and it was really, really, really fun and sometimes difficult to decide what to write about from week to week.

He also gave us some love, even at an emotionally low time. Thanks, Riley. Our condolences to you and yours, and we can't wait to read your work again soon.


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